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JaiJai is a tribute to London's colorful Indian community. It celebrates the creative spirit which the fusion of a modern urban lifestyle and Indian tradition historically has brought forth. JaiJai is not just about the food, it's about being part of urban pop culture. That's why we build the brand with classic premium codes broken up with raw street art elements at the same time.

JaiJai – Smooth Dal large-scale poster
JaiJai – modern anglo*indian cuisine
JaiJai Photography Naan Bread
JaiJai Editorial Information Warming Chickpea Masala
JaiJai large-scale outdoor advertising
JaiJai Shipping package

The Indian diaspora, a history of fusions, is reflected in the design, when graffiti meets clear grotesques, graphic symbols meet elegant serifs, free artistic arrangements meet strict order and different layers overlap, like influences from different cultures. The brand identity symbolizes the intercultural synthesis of art, culture and cuisine - it is cultural awakening on a plate.

JaiJai – photoshoot packaging creamy chicken tikka masala
JaiJai Packaging Photography
JaiJai Editorial Text Packaging
JaiJai Illustrations Streetstyle
JaiJai – photoshoot creamy chicken tikka masala front and back
JaiJai Illustrations Streetstyle
JaiJai Photography Paneer Masala
JaiJai – Various Social Media Assets
JaiJai – Stay Hungry