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Tabula Rasa


Tasteful Branding

Fermentur: Guter Geschmack nimmt sich Zeit.

Fermenting vegetables is a centuries-old scientific method of preserving food and distilling the best taste out of it. All it takes is good ingredients – and time. And that's why this "taste of time" is the main character in our branding where we translated this magical process into a colorful visual brand identity. The result is a love brand from veggies for everyone.

Extra lang fermentierter Karottensalat
Guter Geschmack nimmt sich Zeit
Extra lang fermentierter Rettichsalat
Fermentur Social Media Assets
Fermentur Website – unsere Produktion
Fermentur: Der Geschmack braucht Zeit, um sich voll zu entfalten.
Fermentur Rezept